Cinelli Hobo Touring Bike

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The bicycle that was missing, fine blend of cyclocross and touring, designed thanks to the experience gained during the Tour D’Afrique. Frame and fork are made by triple butted Columbus Cromor steel with a special protective electro deposition paint treatment inside and outside the tubes for a total protection against corrosion and extreme reliability.

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Hobo with a shotgun

shot in Halifax Nova Scotia [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Should I go fishin hobo style under the bridge today?

It's been raining, I'm not in a fantastic mood, and I think getting my line wet down at the river might be a good way to finish things off. Do you think I'll get shanked by hobos? My MTB ride got cancelled since it's been raining all day.Read More »

hobo stove

Sensing a need for a lightweight stove for a future of Arizona Trail tours, we built some Penny Stoves found at this link: [url][/url].Read More »

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