Independent Fabrication Independence Touring Bike

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Built for the long haul; the Independence is an expedition level, touring specific frame and fork. It’s extremely durable and equipped with all of the necessary options to handle a full load.

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SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: If the Yanks can do it why can't the Scots?

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Independence Day rides

Post up your 4th of July rides. Went out on my fixed gear. Got some good climbing in: View top of first climb [IMG][/IMG] Daunting look at the next climb. 1.5 miles of ... Read More »

Independence, USA!!

Perhaps inspired by our friends in Idaho, Glenn Beck wants to start his own town now. He wants to "go Galt". It is apparently is going to be a free marketers dream, except only with GB approved businesses. I wonder what other "freedoms" residents will have? [url= ... Read More »

So what does energy independence really mean?

We want to be energy independent. A worthy goal, right? Or is it? Canada is energy independent- they produce far more oil than they need and export most of it. So, Canada should have lower gas prices, right? And their gas prices should be more stable, less influenced by, say, a war in the mid ... Read More »

Romney: Energy independence by 2020

Seven effin years from now.........Pretty effin good... His plan............Drill, baby, DRILL. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The campaign for presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney released a plan Thursday for North America to be energy independent by 2020. Touting the country's ne ... Read More »

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