Seven Cycles Evergreen Touring Bike

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The Evergreen is an out there bike, as in it takes you down all those gravel roads, jeep tracks, and trails that lead out towards challenge and adventure. Disc brakes give you the confidence to get more technical than any drop bar bike you've ridden before. The steel frame soaks up the bumps that come with this territory.

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Seven Evergreen!

Steel Evergreen with Ultegra 6700 and R45 disc/Hed C2 wheels. Rode it at the Almanzo 100 last Saturday and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps not the lightest at 20 lbs (as pictured), but plush, precise, and a real joy to look at.Read More »

Need a roadie rental near Evergreen, CO

Does anyone know of an LBS that will do high end demo bikes / rentals in Evergreen, CO? I just need something for a day...2 at the most.Read More »

Looking for ride to Avon from Evergreen Saturday Afternoon/Evening for Triple Bypass

Anyone heading back to Avon from Evergreen Saturday afternoon or evening that would have room for two guys and two bikes? We're doing the East bound ride on Sunday and hoping to catch a lift Saturday and cut down on the driving a little. We'll obviously throw in gas and beer money. Thanks ... Read More »

Team Evergreen Racing

Team Evergreen Racing is having it's Year End Awards Party on Sunday December 7 at the Buchannan Rec Center in Evergreen, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. We welcome prospective new members to come meet the Team and enjoy our hospitality. The team will be accepting applications for the 2009 season. Food and ... Read More »

Sunday Fair Time Evergreen Fair in WA State

Wife and I decided to check out the Evergreen Fair here in Monroe, WA. Saturday was beautiful day today typical Seattle weather cloudy, rain in the 60's had a good time highlight is of girl a sleep (sound a sleep with goats) funny thing she woke up and my wife says my god that is so and so turns out ... Read More »

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