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Long days and heavy loads make touring some of the most demanding riding there is. Seven's touring-specific tubing design, along wth custom geometry and options ensures comfort, handling stability, lightweight, and durability no matter where you go.

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Seven "Four Seasons Expat SL"

Hi there Seven fans, I have been looking at the Four Seasons Expat SL model. I have googled and searched but have not been able to find any reviews, pictures of anyones specific build with this model, or any real life experiences of anyone owning this model? Unfortunat ... Read More »

expat'n it up... have some questions...

So I went to dinner this evening with the new CEO of our company. I got the impression from some of our conversations that I was being felt out. Long story short on the history of our company is, 3 years into a our drilling program our investors forced us to close up two of our offices and move ever ... Read More »

Expat taxes - is this correct?

One of the investment newsletters (aka "financial pornographer") that I read, said that for US citizens, no matter where in the world you work, it's taxable here. That, I knew. Then, it said: - the only other country to do that is North Korea - if you choose to renounce citizenship, the ... Read More »

Expat in waiting- relocating overseas

I'm something of a regular here... and have mentioned in passing a few times that I'm relocating. Here are a few more details. I gave my notice at work today- official notice. I told the CEO (my boss) about two months ago. We are moving to Norway. [B] TODAY:[/B] I have a job I love (they ... Read More »

great expat fiction?

I'm mostly interested in Americans in Europe, but would like something a bit more modern than Hemingway and Miller--and I'm definitely NOT interested in yuppie memoir stuff like Under the Tuscan Sun... Started Prague by Arthur Phillips but didn't like it much. Richard Ford wrote a great short story/ ... Read More »

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