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No matter the terrain or adventure, the AWOL is up to the task. The Cro-mo frame is plenty stiff with enough compliance for all day comfort and the integrated rack/fender mounts assure you have the option to always ride prepared.

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2014 awol

A new gravel road/tourer from Specialized. [ATTACH=CONFIG]283879[/ATTACH]Read More »

My cat's gone AWOL...

Took off during his crazy-hour last night and probably got lost venturing out too far. I contacted all the people like the rescue center etc and put up flyers in the hood. I'm worried mad about him. This sucks. :(Read More »

Landis AWOL....???

So it seems that Floyd was a no-show at last's night's Criterium in Chaam in the Netherlands and has pulled out of the forthcoming post-tour Grand Prix Jyske Bank crit in Denmark. Several sources here in Europe have noted w/ some alarm that this is all happening after the release of the adverse anal ... Read More »

serving the vets, bush AWOL

all this talk on serving in the military, we know bush kept texas safe and cheney took 6 (count 'em six) deferments during his time... but what about now? -we know the current military are being sent to battle making due with "what they have", but what of bush's true actual support for the tr ... Read More »

So It's been a year since the cat went AWOL

Im guessing he's gone for good but I do remember one cat who returned after a fews years away so you never know. Either way next cat gets his balls chopped right on 6 months and i'll know not to joke about it and tempt fate like I did here. [url]http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?postid ... Read More »





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