Argon 18 Electron Track Bike

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The Electron is a full-blown track racing frameset, ideal for the Madison, points race or sprint. The wheelbase is tight and the frame is stiff…very stiff.

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NightRider Cherry Bomb, SMART, Planet Bike, Electron Rear Light Brackets - The same?

Does anyone know if the NightRider Cherry Bomb mounting bracket is the same as the SMART bracket? Anyone have both? NightRider don't sell the bracket on it's own, but from memory (I don't have both here to compare), it's pretty similar looking. Thanks.Read More »

Campy Electron Rim Replacement

I picked up a pair of Campagnolo Electron's for almost nothing but the front rim has cracks around where the spoke goes into the rim. 16 of the 22 spokes show signs or have bad cracks but everything else is fine. As you can see from the pictures the wheels have hidden nipples and the rims about 20 ... Read More »

Nucleon vs Electron vs Neutron

Ok Kids, so I just purchased a set of Nucleon tubular wheels. Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between these older (yet barely ridden) wheels and the newer Neutrons? That is to say, is there any difference other than cosmetics? It is my understanding that when the name changed, so did t ... Read More »

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