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Monocoque T700 Torayca frame and fork for extreme resistance to bending and torsion. Perfect rigidity of the frame helps you not waste a dime of your energy, but to transfer it to the ground projecting forward in zero time. Aggressive, compact, high precision and control: straight fork, wheels release integrated to the frame, aerodynamic position for a strong and air penetrating ride, friction free.

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Silca Super Pista Pump

Brand new, $34ish bones shipped. [url=] Silca Super Pista Floor Pump (Black): Sports & Outdoors[/url] *UPDATE*. Looks they they JUST changed the free shipping on orders over $35! -Look at the lower right hand corner ... Read More »

Silca Super Pista Pump

Get one now newbs, only three left. Brand new, $33ish bones shipped. I'll be sending this over to Hot Deals soon, wanted to post here "FIRST!" *Update* Looks like they JUST changed the pricing to " free shipping " on orders over $35. [url= ... Read More »

NOS Campy Pista Pedals on ebay

[url=]Vintage Campagnolo Road Pedals Never Installed | eBay[/url] Now, if I only had the1981 Bianchi Superleggera I want so badly.Read More »

Bianchi Pista with a basket or panniers: Practical or Sacrilegious?

So, I live in New York City and own three bikes: 2 nice road bikes for 'serious' rides and a Bianchi Pista for tooling around town and errands. Only one problem with this scenario: I'd love to be able to carry things like groceries, etc. with a basket, rack or panniers. Is it practical to mount ... Read More »

PAID SPAM: Torelli Pista Speciale** FIXED**

Please take a look on my Torelli I am looking to part ways with. [url=]** Torelli Pista Speciale 58cm**FIXED** - RoadBikeREVIEW.Com[/url]Read More »

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