Cervelo T Series Track Bike

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Superior stiffness for sprints and the best aerodynamics for pursuit events. Our range of track bikes delivers performance whatever the discipline or your performance level.

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Can't Decide on Diamondback Airen 4 or GT GTR Series 1

Both of these bikes feel like a great fit. The Airen has a slightly larger stem width compared to the GTR... this being my first road bike I'm not sure if narrower or wider is better. Either way though I figure I can replace the stem down the road if I find it uncomfortable. Anyway, can someone fa ... Read More »

Madone 5 Series Seatmast issues. The clamp won't stay put!!! Suggestions?

I've been through 2 replacement seatmasts and several clamp assemblies. The clamp assembly has been updated what looks like 3 times since it launched. Each change in the clamp assembly seems to be an improvement. However, no matter how hard (within reason) I clam the assembly it still slips backw ... Read More »

cyclocross series t-shirts, sweatshirts and ?

Hey, if your local cross series is selling t-shirts, sweatshirts and stuff, post links here or toss some stuff up on ebay. I'd love to race in Oregon, Washington, the East Coast, etc but I have my hands full in the Sacramento, Santa Cruz and Bay Area SuperPrestige series races. But instead I'd l ... Read More »

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