Independent Fabrication The Pursuit Track Bike

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  • Carbon fiber main tubes
  • Custom Titanium lugs
  • Illegal, unsanctioned pursuit geometry

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Pursuit Race Ends Badly - WARNING: Not For The Squeamish

You've been warned. [url=]Bear vs. Monkey Bicycle Race Ends Horribly At Shanghai Wild Animal Park (VIDEO)[/url]Read More »

Davis Phinney: The Happiness of Pursuit

Just want to recommend this book. Good from start to finish and lots of great racing stories from the good old days. It's also very insightful about his battle with Parkinsons.Read More »

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..." are all found in warm gun.

What kind of society have we become if I'm so paranoid, that I can't walk into a Starbuck without my Glock??? You want health care, get a gun. You want a job, get a gun. You want your retirement, get a gun. "Happiness is a warm gun." A gun is the answer to all your problems...Read More »

Individual pursuit out of the Olympics

I can't believe they took the individual pursuit out of the Olympics. Seems like a fundamental part of the sport to me. And the next Olympics was shaping up to possibly have some really heavy hitters competing against each other.:mad:Read More »

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