Javelin Como Track Bike

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Product Description

  • Wind tunnel tested and designed carbon fiber tubing
  • Tubing designed by John Cobb
  • Hand-crafted carbon fiber frame
  • Stiff, aerodynamic rear stays for maximum power at the Velodrome
  • Tubing produced in Maranello, Italy by Ferrari artisans

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A week at Lake Como Italy?

Hello all, I'm going to be staying in the vicinity of Lake Como for about a week for a cycling vacation. Can anybody tell me from past experiences which area/side of the lake is the best place to stay for riding? Or can anybody recommend a hotel? I'm more interested in a place to sleep rathe ... Read More »

Como street ride

Is there any way we can get these people to try to cooperate with traffic? Even the bicycling community is getting fed up with these guys/gals. They are now just being rude. I can see the authorites getting involved in a very heavy handed manner.Read More »

Como Perry Ride Report

For those that like a little history. Today are a few shots from Uraga Japan. Commodore Perry landed here in the mid 1800s and started the negoations with Japan which resulted in her opening her ports to trading. This was also the period of great modernization in Japan that eventually led Japan t ... Read More »

Deals on Look Keo Carbon CoMo?

Looking for new pedals, any help would be appreciated. thanksRead More »

Lake Como, Italy: routes? shops?

Heading to Lake Como, Italy next week. Staying in Bellagio, which is on the northern tip of the penninsula which divides the lake in two, if that matters. Here is map of region: http://mappoint.msn.com/(20tcrq45sk5r4tymjc5qvvqh)/map.aspx?L=EUR&C=45.98468%2c9.25876&A=41.56667&P=|96E35D|&TI=Be ... Read More »

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