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It's hard to beat 3Al/2.5V titanium as a frame material. It is light, strong, corrosion free, durable, elastic, comfortable, andK good looking. Titanium is a material with special characters, no wonder many people consider it the finest high-performance bike frame material in the world.
However, working with titanium is a nightmare.In fact, not too many frame builders can work with titanium.Even fewer can work with it well.Rikulau is privileged to have Number One titanium product in Asia, and among the best in the world. Rikulaus titanium frame is handmade in Taiwan with 3Al-2.5V double butted titanium tubing.World class processing and welding quality gives Rikulau products the highest level of stability and security.No wonder Rikulau titanium bikes have received compliments from the users all over the world.

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"Single speed" at nationals?

I know some races allow makeshift ss rigs using zipties or whatever. What would it take to ride ss at nationals? If I ziptie the fd shifter and use a single (conversion) cog in back, would that qualify despite the derailleurs?Read More »

Need help identifying my new Bianchi fixie/single speed

I picked this bike up for pretty cheap at a swap meet yesterday. My friend said it might be a Pista, but I don't think that's right. All the Pista's I've seen are front brake only. The one I got has a rear brake only. The rear cable is taped to the top tube (if that helps). Any info will help. ... Read More »

Single Speed Gearing

I race with my single speed with 34x15 gearing on a rather hilly course last Saturday and I was beat. I didn`t have power to turn the crank in some parts and I was forced to run on some parts of the course. I was one lap down and was pulled off the course. So do I put on a smaller cog, like 16/ ... Read More »

Faster Single Speed? (old bike or new)

I love the single speed... I ride it at least once a week - twice this week. It's not just a novelty that I dust off a couple times a year... I can't explain it to my club mates - you guys get it - but, I think I like riding the SS more than my "other" bike. My other bike is the typical carbon m ... Read More »

lighter weight single speed

I've been commuting the last few months on my 105 equipped Specialized Allez. It's been great except for the bad weather days. No fenders, white frame, 23c tires. I've been looking at a cheaper alternative to get around on to save the expensive bike on those days. Something that needs a little less ... Read More »

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