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The Aero’s exceptional design, which incorporates the latest technology, and it’s advanced aerodynamics are the result of many hours of testing and the collaboration between BH’s engineers and athletes to produce a spectacular, highly advanced triathlon bike destined for the podium.

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[ASK] Aero bike VS Lightweight bike

Hi, I'm just curious .. All I want to Ask is... If we Have Case like this: Aero bike : 8kg Lightweight Bike : 6kg if Rider : 70Kg using Lightweight Bike = Total 76kg If Rider Diet 2kg : 68kg Using Aero Bike = Total 76kg too Stiff : Same the Questions is Which is Faster for Clim ... Read More »

Chinese 27mm Aero Carbon Wheels...25mm tires okay?

I am looking at picking up a set of these. I haven't seen it confirmed is running 25's on them is what is recommended or is it something else.Read More »

Reynolds Aero 58

Has anyone got the Reynolds Aero 58 wheels. Been looking at these against Zipp 404 Firecrest CC. They seem to be going in different directions technology wise. Zipps have a round blunt shape where the spokes go into the rim, the Reynolds come to point, guess time will tell which technology goes fo ... Read More »

Aero- bars

Today , for the TT, I saw one rider using aero-bars with standard drop down handle bars... Not all using the standard bars elected for the A-Bars.. Preference... My question is: During a regular stage, would aero-bars be legal? I would think that anyone that was in a Break would want this adva ... Read More »

clip on aero bars best setup

I am finding myself doing a lot of road ridding alone. I do not road race but do some mnt racing and adventure racing and plan to do my first triathlon (ironman distance). Because of this I bought a triathlon bike which I plan to sell after the event. What I noticed is how much faster I am on the ... Read More »

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