Colnago Flight Triathlon Bike

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Product Description

The Flight is the latest frame from Colnago when you are to compete against the clock; the innovative and aggressive monocoque frame is a result of the test done by the Colnago Lab on aerodynamics and the mechanics as well. Internal cable routing and reinforced rear drop outs for more stiffness are also results of the extensive testing. Used with impressive results by five Colnago professional teams, the Flight guarantees pure speed. Designed entirely in Italy using advanced computational fluid dynamics techniques and tested in the Milan Politecnico university wind tunnel to refine the overall aerodynamic performance without sacrificing its efficiency as a bicycle. The flight can be set up with a forward triathlon position or a more traditional road position.

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Kit for shimano flight deck sc-6502

Hello, i got this cycle computer, and cant seem to find out exactly what kit is compatible with this computer? can anyone help me and, tell what kit you can use together with this ? I dont care if it wireless or not :)Read More »

flight deck does not 105?

Shimano fight deck does not fit the 105, is that correct? thanksRead More »

Problem with Shimano Flight Deck Computer

Can't get screen display back after replacing battery. In desperation I pushed "reset" and now it only blinks "Mile/h" in the upper right corner. I've replaced batteries in the computer twice but no joy. What to do next?Read More »

Shimano Flight Deck not sensing speed

I have had my Shimano Flight Deck cycle computer, model SC-6501, for over 12 years and it has worked perfectly, until now. The computer itself seems to function fine; it reads my gear changes & the clock works, but it won't pick up the speed from my sensor. Shimano kindly sent me a new sensor to se ... Read More »

News Anchor Gets Trolled With Fake Pilot Names for Asiana Flight 214

[video=youtube;yUqzTu0gcXU][/video]Read More »

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