Colnago K.Zero Triathlon Bike

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Bicycle effi­ciency can be sep­a­rated into two key areas. How well the bicy­cle con­verts the power from the rider to power at the rear wheel to drive it for­wards - and how well the bicy­cle resists being slowed down by the air it passes through as it moves. These two things are the deci­sive fac­tors when it comes to effi­ciency. All of our bicy­cles are excep­tion­ally good at turn­ing rider power into rear wheel power, and so the main area in which Colnago could make improve­ments to effi­ciency on a new Time Trial machine was how well it resisted the drag effects of mov­ing through air.

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New Colnago: K.Zero

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Deda Zero 100 will fit a K-wing?

Hi: I’m looking for a good looking white stem and finally I decided by Deda Zero 100 Servizio Corse. The stem size is 31.7mm, my question is. This stem will fit my FSA k-wing size 31.8mm?Read More »

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