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2013 Diamondback Interval Bike Are you looking into your first triathlon or charity ride, but don't want to spend a small fortune on a bike? Maybe you aren't comfortable on the stiff and race ready road bikes? Diamondback has been listenin...

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Interval training crossover from running

Hi all - new to this forum but would appreciate your help. It it would appear that my cardio and muscular systems are outpacing the capabilities of my knees. When I do intervals, my knees hurt for days (even when my cadence is over 100). Ironically, my knees don't hurt much when I run, and the ... Read More »

Garmin 500 support of intervals and post-ride review of interval data?

I've gone over the manual, but it doesn't seem to address these issues. Can the Garmin 500 be used to separate a linear ride into interval segments using its Auto Lap with Mark and Lap features? If so: - Do you simply set it up, then head out on the initial ride and mark the interval boundaries ... Read More »

VO2 Interval Question

Okay, I need help. I've been having difficulty pushing my HR up during trainer sessions because I've been doing 2x20@100% FTP or SST training at around 88% for 45-60 minutes and it's not getting me in Zone 4. Can someone help me with some intervals I can do on the trainer for an hour long session? I ... Read More »

How to read this Interval Designation

I am doing Carmichael's Time Crunch Cyclist. Can you help me understand the Over/Under Intervals. I've provided the Key below. I'm interested in the Week 4 OU Interval underlined below. Does this mean I ride for 10 minutes going 2 min RPE 7, 2 min. RPE 9, 2 min RPE 7, 2 min RPE 9, 2 min RPE 7 for ... Read More »

Question about power interval range on a trainer vs. the road

I was wondering if anyone adjusts the power range for doing power intervals on a trainer vs. on the road. I'm doing various sets of 3x3 min PIs on my trainer. My range of power for PIs is 95-100% of my CTS Field test. Because they are longer power intervals, I'm trying to stay in the 95% rang ... Read More »

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