Dolan Aria Triathlon Bike

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MSRP : $2300.00

Product Description

• The ultimate time trial machine. 12k weave monocoque carbon frame with horizontal dropouts for optimum aero rear wheel positioning, Alpina integrated headset.
• Alpina Wing TT full carbon aero fork
• Alpina Wing aero seatpost

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Aria on a bike...

I hate to spilt the thread, but this should keep true to the forum... Read More »

Any subscribers to Pro Cycling Tour/Aria TV Sports

I just ponyed up 9.95 for a months subscription to an internet feed from the Pro Cycling Tour. I was expecting to be able to view some of the 2004 season, but from what I can tell, it is just snippets from 2003. Feeling a bit ripped off. Any other subscribers out there.Read More »

Pinarello Aria 1" fork Question

Did your Aria fork come with an expander plug? Mine didn't. Who makes/carries 1" expander plug? Also does anyone know what year Pinarello stopped supplying Aria fork with their frames?My guess is 03. And does anyone know what is pre-03 Pinarello seatpost size? 27.2mm post seem to fit awful ... Read More »

Jade Aria Reviews

Jade Aria: [url][/url] I didn't find any reviews on this frame(a whole ton of porn sites come up as results in a google search), and am very unfamiliar with it, but I am considering it because I like the geometry of the 62cm frame that I would need. ... Read More »

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