Eddy Merckx ETT Triathlon Bike

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In addition to holding the most career victories of any professional cyclist (525),

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Is 575mm ETT too long for 179cm height?

I made a discovery that my 56cm frame (a bit sloped) actually has ETT of 575mm. I wonder if it's a bit long for me. I run it with a 100mm stem and feel quite fine. When I first sat on the bike in the shop, it felt just right like my XC hardtail and I bought it without thinking how long it is. I'm c ... Read More »

ETT=Horizontal TT?

I'm looking at a couple of bikes, of course online cause no one stocks these bikes nearby, and one mfg refers to Effective Top Tube Length and the other uses Horizontal Top Tube Length. I'm thinking these are one in the same?Read More »





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