Ellsworth Coefficient Triathlon Bike

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The Coefficient is as easy to own and maintain as it is to ride. While PROS have the big brands make bikes that fit them specifically, and if you're lucky, you'll fit what the pros are paid to ride, Ellsworth focused on packaging the aerodynamics and performance of a PRO caliber Tri bike, with the adjustability the rest of us can use to dial in our "A" game, without sacrificing the aerodynamics or performance.

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Question of drag coefficient

I have been searching all over the web but to no avail. I hv written to FFWD also no reply. Can someone able to advise what's the drag coefficient of a 60mm profile wheel. Pse don't point me to some formula as I'm bad at that. Just advise on the values. I just need it for comparison. Eg F6R [ ... Read More »

Drag coefficient of leading frames?

Hi, Does anyone know of any source on the Net where someone has tested and posted the drag coefficients of any leading frames(esp interested in Cervelo, BMC and Scott)? I know cars, for instance the Corvette sometime quote them if especially low (0.29 I think), or is the difference between all fr ... Read More »

Cyclist Coefficient

Pierre's post about Cost per Mile got me to thinking about other comparitive metrics for a cyclist. I'm making this up, never heard of it before. What's your Cyclist Coefficient ? Miles per year Pushing Bike Pedals - over - Miles per year Pushing Gas Pedal Mine's 4000 miles/12000 mi ... Read More »

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