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98 to 2001 Honda CR-V

I have a chance to get one of those little Honda Utility vehicles the CR-V it's a 2000. I am wondering how a bike would fit into the back of one of these. Too small? I'd like to have a rig that I can put the bike in the back of instead of having my bike exposed to the elements during transport. I ma ... Read More »

2014 helix price vs. 2014 moots cr price

I am hoping I can get some positive feedback and not get critiqued by this question. I know everyone here loves their lynkskey's, but, I am still going to ask. I can get the helix frameset with everything I want for about $1100 less than the moot cr with same specs.. This will be my first ti fr ... Read More »

Vamoots DR vs. CR

Hello fellow Moots lovers! I have been lusting over Moots for the past 4 years or so, and I even visited the factory in Steamboat Springs the past 2 summers. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Vamoots CR last summer, but wanted to wait to see what would happen with road disc brake technol ... Read More »

Is my double-tap now CR@P?

Took my 2009 Rival equipped bike out after work. After about 2 miles the right shifter lost the ability to shift to larger cogs. I had to hobble home. Fortunately, I had Campy-equipped bikes in the garage to save the rest of my ride. Is the shifter repairable? What other options do I have?Read More »

Tires for Enve Smart 3.4 Clincher on my Moots Vamoots CR

I currently run some Vittoria 24cm with the Enve's on my carbon bike. I have a Vamoots CR coming in soon and these wheels will be switched to the Ti bike. My question is what would be a good 25c tire to run with the Enve's/Moots. I plan on doing quite of bit of riding this summer in Colorado. I ... Read More »

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