Marinoni USA Rewind Triathlon Bike

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Product Description

The Rewind is the newcomer in our TT/triathlon line. The design of the tubes allow for a very stiff frame while Its extremely narrow profile makes it very aerodynamic. The BB30 bottom bracket and double diameter head tube help increase rigidity and reduce weight. The aerodynamic carbon seatpost allows for two setback positions so everybody can find an optimal position.

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NFL Game Rewind just rocked my face.

Anyone use this? I screwed up recording Pats/Eagles so I decided to check it out. $30/year and you can watch ANY game immediately after it's been broadcast. Commercial free. And you can choose to watch a condensed version, which not only cuts out commercials, but cuts out everything exce ... Read More »

Be kind rewind.

Just saw this movie. Not what I was expecting from Jack Black and Mos' def. Pretty darn good. Try it.Read More »

Be Kind, Rewind

I just saw this movie on a rainy day. I must say this was the first time in a long time that I throughly enjoyed myself at the movies. It was a sweet and funny movie. Highly recommend it if it's raining and you can't ride you bike.Read More »

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