Olmo Kronos Triathlon Bike

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Product Description

  • Frame: carbon monoscocca 3k
  • Fork: carbon monoscocca aero
  • Gear: campagnolo super record 11v
  • Derailleur: campagnolo super record 11v
  • Brakes: ttv time trial

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1993 Giant Kronos Bike Check

Hello all, new member here. Well about 2 years ago I started bike commuting and I've been hooked on bikes ever since. This is my baby Gia, here's the specs..let me know what you think! What's stock/original on the bike: 1993 Giant Kronos with a 56cm frame chromoly steel material, Shimano Exage ... Read More »

Giant Kronos Re-Fit?

So I basically think I need to replace my frame for a larger frame size. I think all my components are great, and run very smooth. I would like to keep them in order to minimize cost. I don't know the year or size for that matter of the bike, but heres a link to it on my flickr page. I really l ... Read More »

1997 Giant Kronos value?

[B]Its a 1998, NOT a 1997[/B] Someone in the area is selling it for $175 but he said he put 3000 miles on it and never changed the chain. Im worried I will have to spend alot of money to fix that. I certianly dont want a chain snapping on me. Buying new cassette, chainrings, and chain can get exp ... Read More »

Best Price on Spiuk Kronos?

Know where I can get the best price on this TT helmet? I found a few US tri sites but they all have the same price.Read More »

For fans of the Wire, Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet

[url]http://www.spinner.com/2007/07/02/exclusive-mp3-tom-waits-and-kronos-quartet-way-down-in-the-ho/[/url] Enjoy.Read More »

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