Storck Aero 2 Triathlon Bike

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MSRP : $9500.00

Product Description

  • THM Scapula fork with integrated brake
  • Integrated stem system
  • Storck carbon time trial bar
  • 1-1/8" integrated headset
  • Adjustable seat tube angle (73°-80°)

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Lightweight 1/2 IM distance riders on Aero wheelset

My wife i doing a 1/2 IM next summer. I was planning on putting my bontrager tubulars on her bike (48ish mm). She has ridden them with no problems on our local weekly 15mile TT. Curious what wheels you <140lb folks prefer for the bike leg of longer tri's? I can ride them no problem on longer dis ... Read More »

Nishiki Aero 2

Just got an Aero 2. Bought it from the web from no other info than the add and the single pic. (the interest from other buyers was great and the descision to buy had to be taken with no delay-does that ring a bell?) This time I was not dissapointed. All parts are original (even tires it seems) an ... Read More »

Neuvation M28 Aero 2

I replaced my stock ALX wheels with the Neuvations. They're a lot quieter, and faster at least going downhill, but the rear wheel went noticably out of true after just a few rides. This was perhaps related to some noticable pinging noises during the ride. I re-trued it and it went out of true aga ... Read More »

neuvation m28 aero 2's?????

Ok ,I just recently within the past week,purchased a set of these wheels..I had heard good things about them from most places I checked and they were featured in the Bicycle mag I get in the mail as an excellent value.. Recently ,in the past few days,between reading articles on here as well as oth ... Read More »

New wheels Neuvation M28 Aero 2 or Open Pro/Ultegra?

Greetings all, Can anyone with experience with these wheel sets recommend one vs other? I am a 200 lb recreational rider, back in the sport after a 15 year absence. I will be riding on pretty good roads for fitness during the week, some 2 to 3 hour club rides on weekends. (bicycle is Special ... Read More »

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