Van Nicholas Blaze Triathlon Bike

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Product Description

The Van Nicholas Blaze is the product of long hours and late nights of extensive planning, design, and testing based on aerodynamics and optimal performance delivery. It’s for the multi-sport rider who wants the very best.

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Guns Spark Blaze - 1000's evacuated

[URL=""]FOX News[/URL] reports that a major fire in Utah was likely started by firearms causing the evacuation of over 2,000 residents. The fire threatened homes about 30 miles south of Salt Lake. This is one of [URL=" ... Read More »

Blaze 1/2 watt light interferes with HRM

Kinda of bizarre, I have my Sigma PC-9 HRM on my handlebar which is also where I attached my new Planet Bike Blaze headlight. When the headlight is in flashing mode it it causes a signal interference with my HRM and triples the heartrate reading. Since I have crossbrake levers on my handlebar, I don ... Read More »

Planet Bike 2W Blaze on Sale

...for $29.99 at [URL=""]Amazon[/URL]. 12/25/10.Read More »

Anybody doing the CO Tour de Vinyard or Durango Fall Blaze?

My wife and I are entered in both, just wondering if anybody else here is planning to attend either event. Tour de Vinyard - Grand Junction - Sept. 19th -- 30ish miles, several tastings Durango Fall Blaze - Durango - Sept 26th -- 35/60/100 mile optionsRead More »

Durango Fall Blaze

Just heard about this ride. Looks fun and the money goes to student cyclists at Ft. Lewis. All proceeds benefit the Tom Danielson scholarship fund at Fort Lewis College. This scholarship was founded in 2004 when Tom Danielson won the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in under two hours. Tom received a ... Read More »

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