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Any good cycling books you could recommend?

I'm flying from DC to CA this week on business, which means about 12+ hours in the air, plus a lot of sitting around at the airports. Any good cycling books I should search out at the library? I was curious to read Lance's book, just because...but anything else? The books could be about training/end ... Read More »

GOOD BOOKS: recommend a book on history or politics

I think the title says it all. Recommend a good book on history or politics. It would be particularly interesting to know why you think it's such a must read? I've got three. Norman Davies "Europe at War." I think it is a great book as it takes an unflinching look at the European theater ... Read More »

Ironman 70.3 Books?

Hello, i am registered for the Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in Benton Harbor, MI next August. I was wondering if there are any good 70.3 books/guides to check out over the winter? I have relatively little competitive swimming experience; that's what i plan to work on over the winter.....But i cycle ... Read More »

Books on Training for Track

In the past, mountain bike racing has been my main discipline. I have a copy of Friel's [I]The Mountain Biker's Training Bible,[/I] and while I don't know that the book magically improved my results, I think that if I managed to actually follow my plan, I'd do better. :p I'm at least getting bett ... Read More »

Cycling related books - "Must Reads"

I just wanted to pass on some great reading to some of those that may have not heard of Maynard Hershon. Back in the 90's he did the back page of Velonews and I think Winning magazine. Small, one page stories that were so captivating is is hard to believe someone could write like that. He had a f ... Read More »

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