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Silca Super Pista Floor Pump Books

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Product Description

The Silca Super Pista was introduced as a higher volume alternative to the venerable Pista that we've all had since back in the day. When we tried to fill our mountain bike tires, we realized the small volume/high pressure Pista, while perfect for road tires, meant way too much exertion to fill a knobby tire. The Super Pista has all the virtues of the Pista, but with a larger air chamber, which means 20% more stroke volume and faster pumping. The 8" Beechwood handle was a vast improvement over the tiny plastic handle on the Pista (though the newest version of the Pista also has a wooden handle). There's plenty of room for man hands, and the Super Pista is taller as well to make life easy on your back when you need to top off a few sets of wheels at once. Silca pumps are so well-loved because they seem to last forever, and when something wears out after your first decade of usage, you can replace it for a few dollars and get loads more use out of it. That's what we've always done -- a replacement leather cup here and a fresh rubber washer there. The Silca Super Pista has a large base for greater stability. The gauge is mounted down low, out of harms way should the pump get knocked over. And you know it will get knocked over. That's no big deal because the pump housing is made of steel. The two-part head can be used for either Presta or Schrader valves. It comes in Black only.

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