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Horner going to the Vuelta for sure? How long do you expect him to last?

[url=]Headed to Utah and the Vuelta, Horner searches for lost time -[/url] I have no clue how he plans to drag his carcass all over Spain. Tbh I wouldn't even have faith in p ... Read More »

9.5kg in 4 weeks loss. Going for another 4 to 8wks. Long term damage?

I weighed 107kg's 4 weeks ago and have lost 9.5kg's in 4 weeks. Ride between 300 and 400km's a week. My basic diet is Breakfast: 1 x optifast. 150calories Mid morning 1 x apple or pear, 65 calories Lunch : small tin of veges and meat 400 to 500 calories mid afternoon: 1 x apple or pear 65 ca ... Read More »

It's going to be a long, hard winter

This is why I get along with my coworkers. They're all Loungers posing as normals. This, was sent to me by one of them today.Read More »

It's going to be a long night. Please God, someone entertain me?

I heart working 17 hours straight. I feel fabulous! :rolleyes: So here I ist in my little dialsysis room at the hospital. My patient just asked me to marry him. He's short, round, bald, and 156 kg. I told him I'll have to think about it.Read More »

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