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What are your rights as a cyclist? Find out with this interesting read....

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Bicycling Magazine

My god, it's like herpes. You can treat it, but it'll just rear its ugly head again in 6 months. So I just unsubscribed for the 3rd time in 2 years... which is interesting because I've had a USAC license for about 2 years. Has anyone else had the same experience? US Masters Swimming does the s ... Read More »

Bicycling mag- Hogg (current issue)

Let's get started shall we? ads, ads, ads, useless tips, ads, ads, a..whoa hold on... a whole multi-page article on Steven Hogg? "The Heretic Will See you Now". A lot of people thought Hogg had lost his marbles when he started polarizing shoes with magnets and similar voodo. Apparently, wit ... Read More »

do any of you people like wine and bicycling?

get this: [url=] Wine glass holder is also a coffee cup holder, water bottle holder and beverage holder. The universal Drink Holder fits all size rails/tubes (5/8"- 1¼") and can ... Read More »

Bicycling - Fun or Exercise?

Do you consider bicycling more of a fun/passion thing to do or more of an exercise. I know for most of us, it's both. But, is it more of a fun thing or more of an exercise for you? To me, things like snow skiing, water skiing, riding a sport touring motorcycle through beautiful twisty roads are ... Read More »

The April 2014 BUYER'S GUIDE issue of Bicycling magazine has arrived.

FINALLY, I will know what bike to buy. AND, I could WIN ANY BIKE (under $5,000) IN THIS ISSUERead More »

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