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For years cyclists have ascribed to Coach Joe Friel's scientific, self-coached training plans in order to refine their skills and improve their overall cycling performance. This new edition is substantially revised to incorporate the advances made in sports science and the additional miles Friel has logged in his coaching career. It's an ideal backbone for both power-based and heartrate-based training methodologies. Regardless of gender, age, or racing experience, you can create a plan specifically geared toward achieving your goals. Paperback. 8 1/2

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The Cyclist's Training Bible: One Year Later

I see so many questions in this forum about how to become a stronger cyclist, I was asking the same thing just over a year ago. Quite a few people recommended the Cyclist's Training Bible so I bought the book and started planning my season. Just a little background, I started riding on the road in ... Read More »

Availability of paperback Friel "Cyclist's Training Bible"?

I've had the the 4th edition paperback version of Joe Friel's "Cyclist's Training Bible" on back order from Amazon now for two months. The availability date has always said [B]January 1, 2009[/B] but Amazon now says they have no clue as to when this title will actually show up. Anyone know wh ... Read More »

What's the latest edition of Friel's book, Cyclist's Training Bible?

I'm finding all sorts of different covers to the same title--I would think this would indicate a different edition. ________ [URL=""]Honda Cr480[/URL]Read More »

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