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The founders & staff of Peloton Magazine hail from every corner of the cycling press, and together, have a lifetime (many lifetimes?) of experience -- a lifetime spent as much as possible on two wheels. They've come together to build a better bike magazine. You'll find the romance of Rouleur, the attention to gear of Bicycling, the photo quality of a Graham Watson book, and writing quality indicative of an editorial belief that yes indeed people still do read.What really separates Peloton from other magazines is their balance between old and new, racing and recreation, technical articles and interviews. You'll get a view into cycling that includes the people behind the scenes -- team owners, inventors, racers, folks who build bikes, and those who simply ride bikes. Encompassing gear reports keep you abreast of the latest gadgetry or seasonal apparel to keep your rides fast, fun, and comfortable and to keep you daydreaming about new bike stuff. Peloton Magazine is available six times per year and each issue is roughly 130 pages.

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Bicycling Magazine

My god, it's like herpes. You can treat it, but it'll just rear its ugly head again in 6 months. So I just unsubscribed for the 3rd time in 2 years... which is interesting because I've had a USAC license for about 2 years. Has anyone else had the same experience? US Masters Swimming does the s ... Read More »

General fitness magazine recommendation - needed

I haven't had a magazine subscription in a decade. But, I'm thinking about getting some kind of fitness magazine - covering general fitness, e.g. abs, weight-lifting, nutrition, etc. But, it seems that magazines make some assumptions about men when it comes to fitness... - We don't know there are o ... Read More »

Velo magazine's editor’s pick for the best bike on the floor of NAHBS 2014

this bike here: [img][/img] .... pardon me for saying so, but what year is it now? Have I been magically transported to Brooklyn 1999? [url= ... Read More »

Good Cycling Magazine Recommendations?

I currently have a subscription to Bicycling Magazine, mainly because it was dirt cheap, but I am looking for recommendations for a good road cycling magazine. Preference would be something in print but online would work too. Anyone know of a good one?Read More »

The April 2014 BUYER'S GUIDE issue of Bicycling magazine has arrived.

FINALLY, I will know what bike to buy. AND, I could WIN ANY BIKE (under $5,000) IN THIS ISSUERead More »

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