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Climbing is to cycling as hamstrings are to stretching and ab work is to body building. When you're good, you're good. But when you're bad, it can be the most painful thing in the world to try to improve. This Real Rides

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Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb Photos

Here are some photos from the Sunday's Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb. The complete photo set is here [URL=""]Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb photos[/URL] [ATTACH=CONFIG]284771[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]284772[/ATTACH][ATT ... Read More »

Strava - someone flagging a HC climb in the alps as dangerous.

I rode the eTape a few years ago, and was looking at the Col du Telegraph in Strava, but it's been marked as hazardous ... Wtf? I know there's issues with descents, but an 800 or so m climb up a classic TdF col ... This is just stupid. 1) it's all up hill, 2) it's a quiet mountain climb ... (I s ... Read More »

Froom taking food on the last climb

I think its BS that Froome took gel/water/nutrition on the last climb. Does anyone else have an issue with this? Its blatantly against the rules and I know he got fined 20 seconds but that seems like such a weak penalty. And who knows how much time he would have lost if he didnt take it? I bet i ... Read More »

Alpe d'Huez - What do you do with slow riders up the second climb?

Sorry- I searched for this if its already covered. How do they plan on getting all the riders off the alpe d'huez before the leaders come around for a second pass? How do they keep Contador's boys from soft pedaling the first 100km to wait to pace Contador up for his second time. Sure, they mi ... Read More »

Acheved my highest elevation climb today!!

Hello folks! very Happy to say that I achieved my highest elevation of my cycling "career":D today!!According to Strava its 2,917 ft of elevation gain but according to runkeeper its 3,040ft so I'll just say 3,000 ft of elevation gain, with a continuous grade of 6% to 6.5% and with a peak of 10.5% gr ... Read More »

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