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For some, Acadia means finality. As the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, it's a welcome sight as the end of a long, hard road. However, the scenery is incomparable, as is the road riding, and if your love for glacier scoured granite mountains is as strong as it is for the crashing waves of the ocean, then Acadia National Park is a place you might like. Epic Rides takes you there with their Virtual Ride DVD Acadia. The ride starts ocean side in Bar Harbor, Maine before it heads out on a clockwise tour of the Park Loop. Take in ocean views and a nice long warm up before you turn up the climb towards Cadillac Mountain. At 1532 feet, it's the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard and provides views all the way back to Bar Harbor. The ride starts right near sea level and proceeds along without gaining much elevation until you reach the 3.5 mile climb where you'll ride to the high point of the day before descending the same road towards the finish of the ride.Epic Rides DVD footage is filmed with 16:9 widescreen format in mind so the video quality will be at its best on your flatscreen TV. Along with the footage of the ride, you get an onscreen dashboard that gives you a few bits of essential information -- a training zone indicator, average grade, a countdown timer, and a terrain profile. The dashboard doesn't distract you from the ride, and it gives you just enough info to shape your workout to mirror what the riders who actually rode to the summit of Cadillac Mountain experienced.The Virtual Rides DVD Acadia offers a downloadable route map from MapMyRide that you can use to ride the exact route if you're ever in the area. You'll also be able to download a training guide to get the most of your workout. If you train with a powermeter of some sort, Epic Rides even offers downloadable power profiles that you can use to attempt to match the riders in the program watt for watt. 60 minutes. Difficulty: Hard.

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Bar Harbor/Acadia??

Looking foe some input. Planning to head to the area for a family weekend and hope to cruise some carriage roads. Will things be dry enough on the weekend ao April 19-20?Read More »

Acadia National Park - Spring cyclists paradise

Hi all... been a while since I've posted but rest assured that I'm still out there riding lots and enjoying Acadia and the coast of Maine. I thought I'd pass on some info regarding riding in Acadia this Spring. There is NO political agenda in the following... just information for people who love to ... Read More »

Spring Gravel in Acadia with Ti Merckx 650B

A beautiful day here in DownEast Maine to get out and get some gravel on some still closed national park fireroads in Acadia. Rolled out the Eddy Merckx Ti EX that I converted to 650B this winter. This is now the "roadiest" bike I own with 650B x 32 Grand Bois cypres tires. Really enjoyable ride...Read More »

Acadia National Park

I am planning a trip up to Acadia National Park in Maine and I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for good cycling routes. I believe the Park Loop Road is good for road bikes but I am wondering if there is anything else anyone can recommend? I would rather stick to fully paved roads prefer ... Read More »

Buying the wife a GMC Acadia...

Anyone have one? Likes? Dislikes? She loves it, and we test drove one the other day. Seems to be a solid vehicle. It's not what I would buy, but it's her car....Read More »

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