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There's no denying that cyclists in the desert southwest can get more road miles during winter than folks in the northern states. With this Epic Rides Virtual Ride DVD Tucson Mt. Lemmon, you can get yourself some training in the comfort of your own home and test yourself against one of Arizona's best known cycling landmarks. It's been used by top level cyclists for years. In fact, Lance Armstrong and his Radio Shack teammates tested themselves on the winding Catalina Highway that ascends nearly to its summit.The Virtual Ride DVD Tucson Mt. Lemmon is tougher than many of the other Epic Rides DVDs due to the fact that it climbs from nearly the beginning of the ride. In truth, you will get a 4.5 mile warmup before you begin the 4,200 foot ascent in earnest. The ride ends at the top, so you won't want to forget to plan for some cool down time after you finish your workout. Epic Rides DVD footage is filmed with 16:9 widescreen format in mind so the video quality will be at its best on your flatscreen TV. Along with the footage of the ride, you get an onscreen dashboard that gives you a few bits of essential information -- a training zone indicator, average grade, a countdown timer, and a terrain profile. The dashboard doesn't distract you from the ride, and it gives you just enough info to shape your workout to mirror what the riders who actually rode the climb up Mt. Lemmon experienced.The Virtual Rides DVD Tucson Mt. Lemmon offers a downloadable route map from MapMyRide that you can use to ride the exact route if you're ever in the area. You'll also be able to download a training guide to get the most of your workout. If you train with a powermeter of some sort, Epic Rides even offers downloadable power profiles that you can use to attempt to match the riders in the program watt for watt. 70 minutes. Difficulty: Hard.

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Visiting Tucson, going to ride Mt Lemmon. Any advice, tips etc...

I will be visiting Tucson this weekend and plan to rent a bike (milesaheadcyclery) and ride from the shop. Just wondering if anyone has some first hand knowledge or experiences. Thanks GeneRead More »

Mt. Lemmon Tucson questions

Going to go up with a coupla other good riders and was wondering: How much water do you usually take? Is it prudent to take a jacket or vest for the return? Thanks in advance for any adviceRead More »

Mt. Lemmon, Tucson

This is my first post on this forum, but I have enjoyed other's pictures on this forum for quite some while. I finally bought a camera small enough to take on rides with me. My first ride was Mt. Lemmon in Tucson. It starts in Tucson at just under 3000 ft and climbs to around 9000 ft in 25 miles. ... Read More »

Read More »



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