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My computer forgot how to play embedded videos.

Any of the computer savvy able to point me towards possible reasons why embedded videos suddenly, within just the past few days, show up as blank black squares? The videos still show up fine on the source sites, just not when embedded elsewhere. On another, possibly unrelated, note... around the ... Read More »

Training Camp - Pro womens' videos

If you've ever wanted to have a sneak peak inside of a US pro womens' spring training camp, here are two cool videos of one in Santa Barbara California! [url=http://lexalbrecht.blogspot.ca/2013/03/climbing-gibraltar.html]Lex Albrecht: Climbing Gibraltar![/url] and [url=http://lexalbrecht.blogsp ... Read More »

Online videos for the trainer

Hi guys, Can I get some suggestions of some good CX videos to watch on Vimeo or Youtube during a hard trainer session? I'm doing a 20 minute power test today and I'd like some onscreen motivation. MatthewRead More »

Making my own training videos.

I've often thought of setting up a GoPro camera on my bike and recording some of my rides. Maybe even on the mountain bike. With the ability to overlay GPS data on the video I think it might be more exciting to watch and try to keep pace with than a cycling video that's mass produced. I could do vid ... Read More »

Can videos be used as evidence in Canada, re: Cyclists?

Does anyone know if a video of a situation involving a cyclist can be used in court, here in Canada? I'm thinking of the "go pro" camera and wondering if it would be admitted into evidence. A motorist was given a ticket in the states recently because the cyclists caught the drivers excessive honking ... Read More »

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