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Spinervals 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest serves dual purposes. A great threshold building workout designed to boost your anaerobic threshold and sustainable power output for time trialing events including triathlons, this workout also functions as a repeatable 'field test' used by many prominent coaches and exercise physiologists to determine an athletes 'Functional Threshold', or that output of work (power) one can sustain on average over a 20 minute period.

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Spinervals 27.0 Lactate test results...What now?

I just completed the new spinervals threshold test dvd and I don't know how to determine zones based on the 20:00 min. interval. I recorded it on my Polar 720 but I haven't figured how to export the file yet. The numbers on the test are 20 minutes long, 7.49 miles dist. covered, 2:40 min./mile pa ... Read More »

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