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Filmed in North and South America, Brighter has an often overlooked, unique approach to filmmaking: we're here to have fun! From the co-visionary of...

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"Excuse me sir... You need a brighter tail light..."

Is what the kind old lady told me today. Riding to a friends house tonight, a lady stopped with her window open and said that I [I]REALLY[/I] needed a brighter tail light, and if she were my wife she would be yelling at me... I have a Planet Bike Epileptic Flash-o-rama (on flash mode), and o ... Read More »

Brighter taillight, not for seatpost?

I have two clip-on taillights, linked below. One on my Bell Citi's helmet strap, the other clips to the back of my seatpost bag. I would like a MUCH brighter taillight for some ultra cycling events coming up. Clipping to my seatpost is not an option, as I'm using a large, expanding under-seat ... Read More »

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