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The filmmakers who brought you the Collective, Roam and Seasons present a new mountain bike film, Follow Me. Shot in high definition, Follow Me takes...

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Follow up: Help me slow down

Had a sort of epiphany last night. I tried to really limit my effort to nearly lolly-gagging pace. I came to an interesting conclusion: When I maintain a slower steadier pace on the flats it allowed me to maintain a steadier and relatively (relative to how I usually perform on hills) quicker pa ... Read More »

Follow me

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"You follow me?" - the annoying work expressions thread

This guy at work says it in every conversation when explaining something. "You follow me?" :Yawn: Anyone got any good comebacks or something to say to make it sound stupid? I don't exactly want to follow him anywhere. ----- While your at it, this other guy always starts off things and ... Read More »

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