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Blood, Sweat & Gears is the inspirational story of America’s only ProTour cycling team Garmin/Slipstream, a team devoted not only to cleaning up the sport of cycling but to winning the Tour de France. Setting off from the frozen roads of a Colorado winter, racing over the dangerous cobblestones of the Spring classic Paris-Roubaix and finally arriving to the Champs-Elysees, the grand Parisian boulevard which marks the end of the Tour de France, this riveting, eye-opening documentary takes viewers on an incredible emotional journey, following the ups and downs of an underdog cycling team as they try, against all odds, to ride triumphantly into Paris.

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Blood Sweat and Gears Documentary

I watched "Blood Sweat and Gears" (2009) yesterday. It features the Chipotle/Slipstream team that later becomes the Garmin/Slipstream team for the TdF. It is ALL about racing clean and making a statement. J. Vaughters makes it clear at the beginning that doping is a huge issue and that they wan ... Read More »

Blood, Sweat and Gears?

Anyone else seen this? Just watched it last night on Sundance Channel. It's about the 2008 Garmin-Chipotle squad and their attempts to get to the TDF and the Olympics. Pretty cool flick. Also interesting that is casts some aspersions at Johan by insinuating he fudged Lance's lactate threshold tests ... Read More »

Blood, Sweat and Gears

This Boone area ride with 13k feet of climbing in 100 mile booked up for the century in 1 day. Limit was 750 riders though. Just a quick swap of cranks, a 11 hour drive and I'll be there. Any other takers from RBR?Read More »

Blood, Sweat and Gears

All, there's an excellent documentary running on the Sundance Channel about the 2008 Garmin Team. The behind the scenes bit is very good. It details the team leading up to and including the 08 TdF. FYI, it's going to be run again later this week. If you have the channel, it's well worth checking out ... Read More »

Blood Sweat & Gears Documentary

If anyone has the Sundance Channel, they are running multiple showings of the cycling documentary [I]Blood, Sweat and Gears[/I], which covered the Slipstream team last year. Not too many cycling documentaries on American TV! :DRead More »

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