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While we all probably wish Greg aged with a bit more class -- the industrious, closed-mouth transition to their golden years we've seen from Bernard Hinault and Eddy Merckx would serve as a fine example for any of us -- it's still impossible not to love him anyway. Our hero-worship of Lemond was just too darn intense in our youth to give up on him now. And this 4-pack of DVD's is first-class goosebump material. Seeing Lemond at the height of his powers isn't just a refresher course in Bike Racing History 101, it'll make you feel doe-eyed and silly in love with bike racing all over again -- just like you're teenager again. You can't beat that.You get 4 DVD's total: The '86 Tour is a 55-minute highlight reel of Lemond v. Hinault. The '89 Tour, Lemond v. Fignon is 100 minutes that covers all the critical tactical moves including Fignon's near-slaying of Lemond in the mountains, then the oh-so-legendary TT in Paris. The '89 Worlds, a.k.a. Lemond v. Fignon -- the Rematch is 50-minutes and while it's perhaps a bit heavy on the

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Greg Lemond Vindicated

Tonight as Armstrong now pleads guilty to the doping he lied about for years, I think its worthwhile to appreciate Greg Lemond. Lemond was often mocked, slandered and made an outcast for calling out Armstrong for something that now is acknowledged to be true. Lemond is great TDF champion and good ... Read More »

Greg Lemond in my backyard!

and I might not even be able to see him...WTF! [url=http://hosted-p0.vresp.com/779123/222685e06f/ARCHIVE]Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond to Attend Tour of the Battenkill[/url]Read More »

New Toy - Greg Lemond

I picked up a new bike today and thought I'd share. I made quite the trek across the state to pick it up from a guy who quit biking in 98-99 and has retired so he's selling his bike stuff so he can move to the beach (lucky guy). As you can see it's not NOS minty fresh but I think it'll cleanup OK wi ... Read More »

Greg LeMond - Underrated & Unappreciated

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FITzO158KYI]Greg LeMond Tribute - YouTube[/url] He will always be the Greatest American Cyclist IMO. Shame he isnt getting the respect he deserves.Read More »

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