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The controversy and aftershocks stemming from one of the most dramatic and exciting Tours in decades continue at a fever pitch. In spite of two positive tests, Landis continues to aggressively deny any wrongdoing. This controversy will continue for weeks, if not months or even years. What is not debatable if the fact that the 2006 Tour de France was suffused with dramatic twists and turns, stuffed with excitement and surprises, and proved to be a spellbinding action thriller from start to finish!

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2006 Tour De France Winner: Periero (Landis suspended officially)

Just read that Landis has failed to convince anyone he is innocent. Guess it'll be a matter of time before he is stripped by the ASO (officially). [url][/url] Apparantly he can appeal, and I suspect he will instead of quietly going away.Read More »

2006 Tour de France Winner?

When are they going to say Yes or No to Mr Landis? I'm getting sick of waiting. It looks bad for the sport. If he tested positive, strip him of the title and give it to the next guy please, as dictated by the rules. Let's quit waiting around for appeals and stuff.Read More »

it's done - Floyd wins the 2006 Tour de France

if he manages to get to Paris without any mechanicals :D [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Rudy Project Aims for the Podium at the Tour de France 2006

[SIZE=2][FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=black][COLOR=black][FONT=Helvetica]Constantly committed to the sponsorship of over 10,000 athletes of all nationalities involved in the most wide-ranging activities at all competition levels, Rudy Project is once again a lead player with the cyclists on the ... Read More »

Who's Gonna Win The 2006 Tour de France ???

Who's Gonna Win The 2006 Tour de France ??? Making a list, looking for some speculation. Who's the heir apparent for Discovery? You suppose we can do this thread without the "L Word" ??? :D :D :D I think Ullrich is past his prime. He got eclipsed for 7 years. Basso . . . I think he ... Read More »

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