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Enduro XD-15 Bearing and S-Works Crankset

Has anyone used this combination? The XD-15 has angular bearings and the pre-load is tricky. I've noticed the non drive side lock or compression cap won't fit.Read More »

11speed Record RD with Enduro 10 speed zero pulleys ?

Enduro told me that their 10 speed zero grade ceramic pulleys will not install/fit on a new Campy Record 11 speed rear derailleur. A few bloggers have stated that they used 10 speed pulleys on a 11 speed derailleur with 10 speed cassette, chain, and shifters. Can the 10 speed pulleys be swapped for ... Read More »

Mega-Monster Enduro Feb. 9th.

102mi or 103km ride on open roads. [url=]2013 Low-Key Mega-Monster Enduro Ride[/url] I rode this last year on a 3-man team and had a pretty good time.Read More »

Enduro XD-15

Hi guys, Would like to know what is the difference between outboard bottom bracket enduro xd-15 mountain version vs the road version. The reason i am asking this is that i have a xd-15 mountain version lying arond and am wondering whether it can be used on a new frame that is bsa threaded ThanksRead More »

TPI vs Enduro Bearings

I was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of TPI bearings, especially compared to US-made Enduro. I've been using Enduro bearings in almost all of the hubs I carry, and with great success. But one of the manufacturers I buy from has recently suggested switching to TPI, which are made in T ... Read More »

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