Kurt Kinetic Power Trainer Computers

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The Kinetic Wired Power Computer is designed to give you accurate power (watt) readings when you are using a Kinetic Trainer. All other functions (speed, distance, cadence, calorie burn, altimeter, etc) are accurate both on and off the trainer. Because of

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help with which trainer, power meter, and software

I know there are lots of trainer threads out there which i have gone through, and read DCrainmakers reviews, but I am looking for some specific recommendations. I just did a bike fit, and more important than tweaking the fit was learning that after 50 years of riding a bike, I really don't know how ... Read More »

Inconsistent power numbers: road, trainer, rollers

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting inconsistent power measurements depending on which equipment I ride. Here's a simplified description: let's say I can hold 240W for 20m when riding outside using bike 1 (with power meter (PM) 1). Riding bike 2 (with PM 2) outside I get pretty much the same ... Read More »

Question about power interval range on a trainer vs. the road

I was wondering if anyone adjusts the power range for doing power intervals on a trainer vs. on the road. I'm doing various sets of 3x3 min PIs on my trainer. My range of power for PIs is 95-100% of my CTS Field test. Because they are longer power intervals, I'm trying to stay in the 95% rang ... Read More »

Trainer Gets Slower as Sustained Power Output Increases

Hi, I have a [URL="http://www.1upusa.com/product-trainer.html"]1up USA trainer[/URL], which has a 7.5 lb flywheel and decent sized roller. In general, I find that the trainer has a great "road-like" feel for a trainer of this type, and is reasonably quiet. I've noticed in the past that when I spr ... Read More »

Trainer power vs. On the road power.

Not sure if this has been discussed but I feel like the effort to hold let's say 300 watts for 10 minutes on a rear wheel trainer is a fair amount more than holding 300 watts on a flat road outside on the bike. Is this all in my head or is there some science to support this?Read More »

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