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Polar's CS600 is the ultimate monitor for cyclists who demand the most out of their rides. This informative powerhouse includes an altimeter that...

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Polar CS600 power meter

I just picked up the Polar CS600 Power Meter system. Does all the typical computer functions plus the power meter. I don;t know much about it, it was on clearance at a bike show for $100, still new in the slightly worn box. Any suggestions on set up and any potential issues would be great.Read More »

HRM Monitor HAC 5 or Polar CS600

I'm up to a new HR computer, I currently use a Polar S725, which normally (90%) works well but the other 10% drives me crazy. I'm thinking of the HAC 5 [URL="http://www.ciclosport.de/statische/contentframe.php4?content=shop%2Cid%3D893%2C%2C%2C2&navid=shop_shop_28_15_17&sessionid=1073998930"]http:// ... Read More »

Polar CS600 question

Anyone know how many heart rate zones you can track with the CS600? I am considering this unit or the Rox 9. I know the 9 can track only 3 and was hoping the CS600 could do 4 or 5 Thanks, JohnRead More »

about Polar cs600 with power meter and t 's parts....

I 'm interrested in getting a Polar cs600 as my first power meter. I found 2 of this model on eBay : [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/POLAR-CS600-HRM-CYCLOMETER-COMPUTER-w-POWER-SYSTEM_W0QQitemZ160307404864QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCycling_Parts_Accessories?hash=item255310e040[/url] [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW- ... Read More »

Polar CS600 vs Sigma Rox 9.0

Anyone compared this two when deciding on new computer? I am looking for HRM, Cadence, Altitude gain/loss, %grade, HR as a % of Max, among basic functions. They seem very similar, yet the Polar costs quite a bit more. Am I missing something? Also maybe Garmin Edge 305, but awfully bulky.Read More »

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