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Saris Joule 2.0 with Heart Rate Strap

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Joule 2.0 problems

Finally got the training bike back with new transmission (Campagnolo record eps, and new rotor crack with quark.) As usual the Joule 2.0 is being a PITA again. I use the joule for some different numbers while I am training. I can get it to pick up the power meter, cadence, and heart rate. The bl ... Read More »

Joule 2.0 issues...

Hey everybody, New to power based training, I recently picked up a Joule 2.0 off of eBay (used) and spent some time last night trying to set it up with my Garmin HR strap and GSC10 speed/ cadence sensor (awaiting arrival of PowerTap). The sensors sync fine w/ my Garmin Forerunner, but wh ... Read More »

Using Joule 2.0 "Saved" Workouts.

I'm still getting used to the Joule 2.0 & Powertap combo on my bike. I formerly had a Garmin 305 computer, which was very handy when doing pre-determined workouts, particularly from the Carmichel Time Crunched Training Program. The ablility to measure power is great, but I feel like I'm missing ... Read More »

Joule 2.0 versus Garmin 500?

I'm on the brink of buying a powertap setup for my road bike. This will be used both on a stationary trainer (Cyclops fluid 2), as well as on the road. I'm looking for feedback on the pro's and con's of the Joule 2.0 head unit as compared to a Garmin 500 head unit. I'm currently using a Garmin ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 705 vs Joule 2.0

So I've been trying to decide between these two computers for quite some time to match up with a powertap wheel I'm going to be building up, but I just can't seem to choose!! It's not so much the price that's the problem, but the features, reliability, durability, and overall quality. I also look ... Read More »

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