Sigma Sport Rox 8.0 Computers

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Sigma ROX 8.0 Wireless Heart Rate Computer

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Sigma Rox 8.0

Who's familiar with this bike computer? When it comes to anything electronic I seem to get confused easily, can anyone simplify or explain how to set the altitude function. Thanks.Read More »

Sigma Rox 8.0/9.0 altimeter question....

Do you have to enter your elevation before every ride? The manual says you have to enter it. Wouldn't it just do this on its own? I can understand entering your current elevation once, but after that I would think it just senses the changes. If I drive to PA from Ohio to go for a ride, I shouldn't h ... Read More »

Sigma ROX 8.0 Wireless Compute​r feedback

I did a search and didn't find anything. Does anybody have any feedback on the Sigma ROX 8.0 Wireless Compute​r?, thinking of picking one up. i want something that does the heart rate and cadence. [url][/url] ... Read More »

ROX 8.0 Upload to WKO+

Anyone know of a way to make this work? I can output an XLS file from the ROX unit but WKO+ won't import it. I saw a German conversion program that is supposed to do the conversion but it's looking for a SLF file.Read More »

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