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heart rate monitors

I am wanting to get serious about training this year and plan on doing lots of racing. I know that there a power meters out there but i don't have the money for one. Right now I am about to start base training and some told me to use a heart rate monitor to monitor my effort. Do you think it is a go ... Read More »

How accurate are heart rate monitors?

And how do I make it more accurate? I just bought a Polar RS100 so I can track my training. First thing I did was put it on and lie down, to find my resting heart rate. I compared it to counting my pulse at my neck, and it was right on at 72. I got up to get a drink of water and the HRM shoots up ... Read More »

Issues with heart rate monitors - just me?

I've been riding with heart rate monitors for about 6 years now. I've used several garmin straps and a cyclops/powertap strap. I have the same issue with both. I will start a ride with a good signal then about 30 minutes into the ride my heart rate starts reading about half of what it should and ... Read More »

Heart Rate Monitors Going Crazy

There are probably numerous threads with similar situations but after a brief search I could not identify any so here it goes.....I ride my road bike with a Garmin Edge 305 computer and MTN bike with a Polar HRM. Why is it when descending (mostly with the Garmin but sometimes with Polar) the heart ... Read More »

Computers/heart rate monitors

Anyone have advice on what computer to buy (thinking about one with a heart rate monitor option) without breaking the bank....is heart rate really that useful? I'm 55, just bought a new bike, looking to get fit. :confused:Read More »

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