Polar CS400 Heart Rate Monitors

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Product Description

The Polar CS400 Computer is a feature packed computerThatTracks everything from your heart rateTo your altitude.

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Polar cs400

Has anyone had any luck using a non-polar infrared device with their CS400 bike computer? From what I understand, some polar models are compatible with generic IR devices, but not all of them. 60 euros for the polar model is a bit outrageous if a standard 10 euro model is compatible. thanks, fo ... Read More »

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CS600 / CS400 Speed Sensor Battery

I’ve read that the speed sensor battery is not user-serviceable. From a practical standpoint, how significant is this? My VDO speed sensor has gone about 12,000 miles without a battery change. What does Polar do when you send in the speed sensor for service- change the battery? Replace the unit? ... Read More »

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