Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitors

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Make fitness fun and efficient with Polar's F6. It accurately measures your heart rate so you can pick the perfect workout and track your progress....

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New F6

Picked up my new F6 on Monday, took it for a first ride last night (not counting the < 1 mile home from the LBS). Did 19 miles last night - wow, what a responsive bike compared to the hybrid I was riding! (Also my first road bike). I'm going to have to take it back for a little bit of adjustmen ... Read More »

2012 Felt F6 or 2012 Giant TCR Composite 2

Hi All- I've been doing quite a bit of research on both models- I've also test rode them several times. I'm really curious to see if anyone out there has an opinion on the Felt- I've seen tons of data on the Giant, but not so much on the Felt. I realize that you get way more bang for the bu ... Read More »

F75 to f6 or z6

hi all,i currently have a f75 bought on a 30 day buy and try ,really like it but am thinking of going carbon but unsure if it would be a good upgrade,iam mostly going to be doing sportives and weekend spins so should i just keep the f75 or go for either carbon option f6 with sram apex, or z6 with l ... Read More »

Polar F6 heart rate monitor

Just bought a polar hrm. I wore it to bed last night to get a RHR. It told me that I had burned 675 calories while sleeping 6.5 hrs. Is that possible? I weight 178lbs. height 6'0. RHR 62.Read More »

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