Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitors

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When you want to keep track of your ticker and the calories you've burned, head out the door with Suunto's M2 Women's Heart Rate Monitor and Dual Comfort Belt. Real-time, easy-to-read outputs make sure you stay in your target zone and working towards fitness goals.

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Specialized M2 Road Frames

Hello, Can anyone please advise how much a Specialized M2 Road frame is worth? They are new and 54 cm. They have two down tube braze-on bosses. Thank you Shih FaRead More »

Allez Comp Compact M2 Apex...Good beginner bike?

I'm looking at this bike for my first serious road bike and was wondering if it's a good place to start. Can this be a bike that I can upgrade as I progress or will I need to jump to something better? Also, what am I looking at as far as gear for an entry level road biker? Thanks! [url]http: ... Read More »

2011 Allez Comp M2

[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Hello- Purchased the 2011 Allez Comp M2 recently, and was looking for some help. 1st serious road bike - 90% future use for Triathlons/ 70.3 Ironman(s). What advice would you give to shave 4-6 lbs off weight and solid upgrade options (i.e rims, tires, seat)? Upgrade ... Read More »

Tarmac Elite Apex or Allez Comp Compact M2 Apex?

I am a mountain biker buying my first road bike. I test road some Felts and Specializes. I liked the geo on the specialized the best. They did not have the Tarmac in my size to ride. I did really like the Allez Comp Compact M2 Apex the best. Now after reading the Tarmac has the same geo as the Al ... Read More »

Allez Triple vs. M2 Apex

So this post may be more suiting to the beginners section, however I was hoping for a good response. I am just getting into riding, I can buy a 2010 Allez triple for $600. This is a good initial investment in case I don't like it. Although I have spent about that today with shoes, pedals, helmet, an ... Read More »

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