Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitors

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Exercise safely and efficiently with the Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor. After a quick series of questions, the M4 sets up a workout routine and monitors your progress for future adjustments, providing a safe and effective path to achieving fitness goals.

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M4 bolt in place of M5 for rack eyelet?

I was putting a rack on a friends Specialized Dolce (2009) and noticed that one of the lower eyelets won't accept a common M5 braze on bolt. The non-drive side was fine. I tried several M5 bolts that I have and nothing. Seems really odd to me. What would be considered the next 2 smaller diameter ... Read More »

Rebuilding my 2000 S-works m4 (specialized)

I'm looking to rebuild my bike. It is outfitted with all ultegra components. They are about 7 years old, it still is a 9 speed cassette. I was thinking of replacing the cassette and chain with the exact same components. So far this is my shopping list Cables: [url= ... Read More »

First bike, Specialized S-Works M4

After a few weeks of research, trying the local bike store's, scouring craigslist, I finally found one. I was looking for an entry level bike and was going between a LBS and craigslist. I decided not to do craigslist, but was still perusing it since I wasn't quite finding what I wanted at the st ... Read More »

Specialized 1999 S-Works M4 DEAD

You were good for the miles I rode you. Too bad this tiny little crack made you crack. You will be missed: [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG] ... Read More »

M4 vs E5 SLX Tubing, which one?

I got lucky today and picked up an older 2001 S-Works Festina M4 for free. Only issue is the bike isnt ridable, theres no seat or pedals and the shifter components are rusted shut. Im in the process of tearing the bike down, and the frame appears to be in great shape. (good thing aluminum doesnt rus ... Read More »

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