Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitors

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Put your blood pump on observation with the Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor. Whether you want to keep an eye on your vitals or optimize your workout, the expandable M5 provides simple operation and setup for recreational users, yet packs enough features to satisfy die-hard fitness junkies across a spectrum of aerobic activities.

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M4 bolt in place of M5 for rack eyelet?

I was putting a rack on a friends Specialized Dolce (2009) and noticed that one of the lower eyelets won't accept a common M5 braze on bolt. The non-drive side was fine. I tried several M5 bolts that I have and nothing. Seems really odd to me. What would be considered the next 2 smaller diameter ... Read More »

broken M5 hub can i reuse spokes and rim with different hub?

Depending on how you look at it I was either very lucky or very unlucky. I had just finished decending 6500 ft and was braking to a stop at my vehicle when I heard a cracking sound and my front wheel skidded to a stop. I had almost stopped when it happened so I didn't go down. My front wheel was bad ... Read More »

Tesla vs. BMW M5...

The pure electric (no on board gas engine to extend range) Tesla S sedan vs. the BMW M5 in a zero-100mph drag race. Electrics have a quick burst of power and have been known to smoke standard cars suckered into stoplight duels. But an M5 ain't no standard car...... Read More »

So I'm Driving an M5...

Someone please talk me out of buying it. Please. It's a 2000, silver, one-owner car. 83k miles. Really good shape with extras like NAV, HID lights, the M shift knob, sport seats, steering wheel, etc. Been driving it around for a while and it makes such awesome noises and it's so fast. Someth ... Read More »

Week one with Olympus E-M5: words and images

The camera arrived on Wednesday, April 18th. E-M5 in black, with the 12-50 lens and HLD-6 grip. Like everyone else that pre-ordered, I was very excited when the package finally arrived. Unfortunately, I had been sick throughout that week so I wasn't able to experiment as much as I'd hoped. The fi ... Read More »

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